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Our differentiating factor - evidence-based solutions


It is a common fact that the only constant that we will face is change. As the world becomes more connected, the business environment becomes even more complex. Companies have to deal with a constant barrage of new and unfamiliar issues affecting them. Where once changes in social political situation affected only the Multi-National Companies, now even the Small and Medium Enterprises are feeling the ripples of such changes.

In these times of rapid changes, there are myriad of Human Resource issues that need to be aligned to business objectives. Towards this end, InPsych Consulting stands out by assisting our clients transform, integrate and align their HR systems with evidence-based solutions. These solutions are psychologically validated, proven and practised successfully.


Welcome to InPsych Consulting.

As a psychological firm, InPsych Consulting prides ourselves in being objective and systematic in assisting companies through the integration of Human Resource systems.

Our expertise lies in the design, development and integration of various Human Resource systems including Selection & Assessment, Talent Management, Learning & Development and Organisational Development.

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