Over 20 years’ of extensive experience as an Occupational Psychologist, consulting in a wide range of industries from start-ups to established organisations both in the Public and Private Sectors. At the organisational level, Hong Yi’s specialty is in cultural transformation, effectively linking people processes to business outcomes. At the individual level, Hong Yi is a trusted advisor to executives who need to know how they are perceived and want to focus on what is most important in their professional and personal lives.

Key Areas of Consultancy:

  • Coached Senior Management Team into high performance success
  • Partnered Leaders to lead and execute change
  • Developed HR team to transit into HR business partners

Success Outcomes through Consultancy:

  • Drive a culture that aligns to organisational goals
  • Launch a new Product / Service
  • Turn around a business
  • Improve productivity
  • Increase staff engagement

Beyond just making an impact in the business environment, Hong Yi has served extensively in the Non-Governmental Sector, applying his expertise and experience in making impact in society.

Some of the projects include:

  • Strengthening marriage and family in Singapore
  • Driving inclusiveness for HIV positive children in India
  • Understanding the impact of Christians in the Marketplace

Hong Yi is a highly effective facilitator and trusted partner and has been very well regarded by his clients for his commitment to the projects and his willingness to develop solutions that are practical and sustainable.

In the last few years, Hong Yi has pivoted his attention to closely follow the tech enabled services and the impact on both organisations and people through digital transformation. It is currently a field that is still evolving with far ranging impacts (both negative and positive) and one that no business leaders can afford to ignore.

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Provide guidance in areas outside of his contract scope
Chan Yit Foon, EVP, HR, MediaCorp

Hong Yi had been a valuable expertise to MediaCorp during his stint. I appreciate that he also took additional time to provide guidance in areas outside of his contract scope to advise and counsel various business unit leaders. His expertise and willingness of going beyond is truly commendable.

Always conscientious, committed and diligent
Col Bernard Lim, Defence Psychology Department, MINDEF

Hong Yi was my facilitator at a number of strategic discussion sessions, where the team had to get together to map a direction and a plan the way to get there.

He was always conscientious, committed and diligent in running the session. And yet, he remained cognisant and was very skillful at managing the facilitation processes. In doing so, Hong Yi was always able to bring out the key dilemmas of the team and it operating environment to facilitate its resolution.

Because he does not shy away from surfacing the team's difficult issues, he allowed us to acknowledge and address them head-on.

Good questions that helped us think critically
Jean Tan, Executive Director, Singapore International Foundation

Hong Yi helped design and facilitate SIF's strategic planning exercise when the Foundation, at crossroads, reviewed its mission and vision. He asked good questions that helped us think critically about who we want to be and in identifying appropriate solutions.

Adept at asking the hard and pointed questions
Joanna Koh-Hoe, President, Focus on the Family, Singapore

Hong Yi is particularly adept at asking the hard and pointed questions. His approach may make the employee or management feel uncomfortable, but is essential for addressing problems and surfacing potential issues. Best of all, Hong Yi walks you through the change and implementation process.

Value added to our discussion
Carol Goh, Business Director, Meiban Group

The chairman and all the directors appreciated your skillful facilitation in all our discussion. Not only this, you have also value added to our discussion with your many professional advice on our organisation and leadership challenges.

Demonstrating flexibility and patience
Chris J Wright, Design Capability Manager, Rolls-Royce

Hong Yi conducted himself in a highly professional manner, demonstrating a flexibility and patience that are commendable. During the course of the project, several unforeseeable problems arose that Hong Yi adjusted to with sound judgment and thought.